Wednesday, June 29, 2005

12 Puppies, 1 Cat, 2 Iraqis, and a Bunch of Fish

And no, it's not an elaborate joke.

There was some movement in the news today, but I can not discern a pattern to any of it. Let's take a peek (in order):

Twelve puppies were stolen from a pet store in Orlando, Florida. They were purebred, but the thieves didn't take the AKC registry papers. The thieves are either stupid or there is some other motive for stealing puppies. Hmm. Fighting dogs do need to eat; what better food to give them? (Hey! If you worked where I work, you'd think the same way.)

In Spring Hill, Florida (other side of the state), a cat was found in a neighbor's yard, its throat slit and its body cut in half. Sheer meanness, psychosis, or a ritual of some kind?

Two Iraqis were arrested by Mexican police as they tried to cross the border near San Diego. They say that they were approached by a man in Baghdad who offered to help them reach their relatives in California. This is weird. Schwarzenegger is still Governor - who'd want to go to California?

Finally, tropical fish were seen swimming out of a storm sewer in Pinellas County, Florida after recent heavy rains. The fish were part of a now-defunct fish farm.



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