Saturday, August 13, 2005

Happy Outrage Day!

Yes, today is Outrage Day, the first holiday for the month of August! So, crank up the Crazy Meanness and let's look at stuff that really pisses us off, shall we?

First Outrage: Today is the first anniversary of Hurricane Charley's foray through Central Florida. This part of the state had not seen a major storm in 44 years, and most of us (who have ANY sense at all) are quite willing to wait another 44 years, thank you very much.

Second Outrage: Despite the Downing Street Documents, the lack of any WMDs, the continuing death toll and the constant (CONSTANT!) barrage of Lies and Sheer Unadulterated Bullshit emanating from George W Bush's smirking piehole, this slimy slacker wastrel and His Criminal Gang are still in power.

Third Outrage: Despite billions (that's Billions) of dollars in cost overruns, malfeasance and corruption, the Halliburton Corporation is still gouging the hell out of our troops and milking the hapless sheep known as American taxpayers.

Fourth Outrage: Adam Sandler, Carrot Top and Gallagher are all still alive.

Fifth Outrage: The Department of Defense is trying to assuage the rising tide of doubt concerning the War in Iraq by throwing a party. Yes, you heard me right - a Freedom Walk (that requires you to register first) that somehow manages to tie Iraq into 9/11 (which is wrong) and ends with a free concert by C&W star Clint Black (which is even more wrong).

I feel better now that I've vented a bit.


Blogger aikane said...

Well, you're either a "freedom walker" or a street walker; with us or a'gin us; patriot or traitor.

Now, on to that flag-burning amendment! Forward...HAAAACH!! Leyht, ya leyht, ya leyht, righ, lehhtt....

4:20 PM EDT  

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