Sunday, August 14, 2005

Punk of the Week

Yes! It's time again for the Punk of the Week Award, where we bravely confront the biggest Punk and expose their Punkery for all the non-Punk world to see.

And the exquisitely hand-crafted-safe-for-tenderizing-steak Golden Buttock goes to ...

President George W. Bush, aka Smirky, aka Don George. Yes, the Dear Leader, the guy who reigns while Others Rule. And just what has Dear Leader done to merit the Punk Award?

For starters ... refusing to meet with Cindy Sheehan. Hey, George, cut the woman some slack and just talk to her, okay? Sweet Jesus in Jodhpurs, man, you are The Servant of THE PEOPLE. Try acting like it instead of acting like Napoleon!

And by The People, I mean ALL THE PEOPLE, not just the extreme right wing Luddite proto-fascisti who along with the many stunningly obviously Stupid People in this country were goaded and inflamed like venereal warts by the GOP Machine's fear and hate-mongering tactics into actually voting for your worthless wastrel alcoholic ass AGAIN.

Come on, George! Be a uniter, not a divider!


Blogger BlondeSense Liz said...

Shithead of the week is more like it!

8:03 AM EDT  
Blogger Walt said...


8:24 AM EDT  
Anonymous pissed off patricia said...

He may be the punk of the week but the American people are the ones who have been "punked". In particular those who actually thought he was smart enough to do anything besides run down the street.

6:07 PM EDT  

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