Saturday, August 27, 2005

What Color is the Sky ...

... in your world?

"Now did you read the news today
They say the danger’s gone away
But I can see the fire’s still alight
There burning into the night."
- Genesis, Land of Confusion, 1986

A national chain of drugstores has an interesting commercial, about a mythical place called Perfect. In Perfect, everything is Just Fine - there doesn't appear to be any crime, poverty, pollution, terrorism, war, etc. and everyone in Perfect appears to live in perfect multicultural ethnic harmony.

Then reality comes crashing in, as the ad closes. No one ever lives in Perfect.

Except for George W Bush and his Administration.

George has a beautifully uncluttered view of the world and the people in it - black and white, cut and dried. Everything is in its place in George's World. The Good Guys always win, and those who die are Honored Dead, fitting members of the Pantheon of Heroes. The Bad Guys are animals that walk on two legs as if by some cosmic accident, and those of them who die Will Go Straight to Hell.

George wants to share his Perfect World, so he has surrounded himself with people who see the same things he sees, believe the same things he believes, and want to make his view of the Perfect World a reality. In fact, one aide told a writer that while people watch in awe, the Bush Administration (he called it an empire, in fact) will change reality as you watch, so you can observe it.

This must be why George seems so frustrated at times when he tries to articulate his vision of the Perfect World. He can see it, clearly, plain as day; why can't others see it? Why are they so blind? A lot of people bought into George's vision, but now things are changing. Their vision is starting to blur. Quick! Articulate the vision! Catapult the propaganda! See! See! The world is a beautiful place, and all is rosy and bright on the horizon, and the rest of the World knows its Place ...

So, what is the color of the sky in Your World, George?


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