Friday, September 09, 2005

FEMA = Feeble Emergency Management Agency

If public pronouncements and media reports are any indication, the past two weeks will go down in history as the Great Credibility Catastrophe of 2005. The Bushite Junta (composed of George W Bush, his criminal family, and the assorted sycophants and bootlickers who would gladly squat, shit on their own heels and lap it up greedily for a soft patronage job) has been revealed as the cadre of lying hucksters they truly are.

Much of the wailing and gnashing of teeth has to do with the Department of Home Security (Heimatsicherheitshauptamt) under the 'leadership' of Michael "Grim Reaper" Chertoff, and FEMA, under the 'leadership' of Michael "I'm So Fucking Clueless I Don't My Ass from A Horse's" Brown. Now granted some of the blame for the debacle that started on August 29th can be laid at the feet of the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana, BUT the responsibility for Getting Things Done in the disaster area is the province of FEMA, and the HSA.

Michael Brown was revealed as so totally at sea from having his nap disturbed by the screams of the dying that he admitted (on national TV, no less) that he had not a Clue about the suffering thousands in the Convention Center until Thursday. By then it was too late for some of them.

Now, it also appears that Brown padded out his resume, making him not only a lying sack of shit but a really HUGE lying sack of shit. And now (as reported by MSNBC) he's been removed from his post as Director of the hollow shell known as FEMA. Don't worry, though - no one gets fired in the Bushite Junta. A new, softer and higher-paying job awaits him, along with medals and honors (and maybe a virgin or two).

Meanwhile, FEMA lies gutted, its disaster preparedness functions atrophied.

The DHS has been the largest governmental reorganization since the invention of the Department of Defense in 1947, and unlike the DOD the DHS (HSA) has been largely a complete and utter failure.

We are not safer than we were before 9/11.

Not from terrorist acts.

Not from people sneaking over our porous borders.

Not from natural disasters.

And certainly not from the Horde of Locusts who have descended on us like some Biblical plague, courtesy of the Bushite Junta.


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