Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Feeling Gassy

I was on my way to Der Job this morning and decided to put some money into my gas tank. What with the trouble in Louisiana, I figured it was sound economics to fill my tank now rather than face the higher prices that are surely coming.

Well, the gas at the Stop-n-Rob near my house is $2.65 a gallon for regular unleaded. As I paid for the fuel, the clerk remarked, "Better fill up now - it'll go up thirty cents by the weekend."

$2.95 a gallon?! I stared at him, somewhat surprised, and asked, "Has that been confirmed?" He assured me that it had not, but that it was a very real possibility, with the prospect that it might go up an additional dime next week. He added that he was a "day and a half" behind on his gasoline deliveries, due to the storm in the Gulf states.

Sobering news, and an illustration of the reach of this disaster.


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