Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Eighty percent of New Orleans is under water right now, thanks to Hurricane Katrina, and it may turn out that most of Biloxi, Mississippi is gone. Mobile, Alabama was dealt a punishing blow, and these are just the preliminary reports. There is only a starting death toll (about 50 in one Mississippi county alone), but expect to see a lot of funerals in coming weeks.

About 1.5 million people are without electricity or other basic services, and the American Red Cross and other charitable agencies are gearing up for what is the largest natural disaster mobilization in the nation's history.

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew obliterated large parts of southern Florida. After waiting an unconscionable amount of time, President Bush (the present Prez's father) sent 30,000 troops into the area. By then, looting was widespread and small riots had broken out over the dwindling supplies of food, water, and (essential (imho) in a subtropic climate right after a hurricane) ice. President Bush, FEMA, the Florida National Guard and others were criticized for a slow response.

You turn on the news now and you see some National Guard. About 6,500 have been mobilized, but this is a far larger area, with far greater needs. More National Guard and even Regular Army troops are required for basic rescue and security operations. Where are they?


Yeah, that's right.

They're in Iraq, taking most of the equipment with them. Fighting the "noble cause."

A disaster is in the making unless there are more troops put into the area. People need to be saved from their attics and rooftops, basic services need to be delivered.

Call the Red Cross and donate, people. They're in the book, and the toll-free number is all over the place.

Don't be a disinterested, detached, out-of-touch moron like our vacationing President.


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