Tuesday, October 04, 2005

On the March

There's been a lot of things in what passes for the news the past few days (those things that the Slave Media are allowed to impart, buttressed by the actual stories reported by the foreign press (thank the gods for the BBC). Here's a few of things we're seeing:

Democracy on the March:

The BBC and al-Jazeera are both reporting that the UN is somewhat pissed off at the Iraqi 'government' for changing their charter regarding passage of the new constitution. It seems that they will base whether or not it passes by registered voters, not actual voters. This, understandably, has the Sunni minority more than a bit irritated. Speaking of irritated, the Kurds have made noises about pulling out of the coalition government. Geopolitically, if the Kurds set up shop on their own, Iran, Syria and especially Turkey will look upon it as an unfriendly act. Hold onto your hats, kids.

Five more American soldiers were killed today, as Operation Bleeding Wound drags on with no end in sight. General Casey, the overall commander in Iraq, stated to the Senate that instead of 3 battalions of the Iraqi Army being able to conduct operations by themselves (as stated in June of this year), the number now is 1.

Yes. One. The loneliest number, if you recall Three Dog Night.

Chances are the Pentagon just changed their measuring criteria, which would account for the change, but it's still a sobering assessment. We will not be pulling out or reducing our forces in Iraq for the foreseeable future.

Morons on the March:

Judge Roy '10 Commandments' Moore. You remember him? He's the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who got fired for refusing to remove a granite Ten Commandments monument. Well, Roy's back in the news, saying that he'll run for Governor of Alabama.

Hoo hah. I can visualize George Wallace looking on and saying, "That's good - people won't think I'm such an asshole now."

Associate Justice Nominee Harriet 'Tabula Rasa' Miers. Now, this caught some people by surprise, notably the UltraWrong wing of the False Republican Party. Miers is a political crony par excellence whose only major quality seems to be her near-slavish loyalty to Our Dear Leader. Look for an interesting confirmation hearing in the Senate, particularly the smug looks on the faces of the Democrats and the worried frowns on some of the False Republican thralls (excuse me, Senators).

Representative Tom 'Old Maid' DeLay (R-TX). His lawyer started to argue that the grand jury indictment last week was invalid because it was ex post facto - that is, the law making it a crime wasn't on the books at the time. So when the new grand jury handed down a second indictment, DeLay and his lawyer cried 'do-over.' Hey, dummies - there's no double jeopardy in a grand jury, so shut your yammering pieholes and get ready for a length court process.

Dear Leader on the March:

Our Dear Leader has lately been looking a bit grim, or at least moody. Quite the opposite from his usual smirking, giggling self. With his foreign policy besmirched by Operation Bleeding Wound, his domestic policy in disarray and his leadership faltering in the face of indictments, investigations, natural disasters and total government fuckeduppery, he's starting to ... well ...

If it walks like a ....

And talks like a ...

It might just be.


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