Sunday, September 25, 2005

Punk of the Week

Here's a special Sunday edition of the Punk of the Week Award, where we reach into the depths of word-class Punkery to show you, the non-Punk public, the Punkness in our universe.

And the Golden Buttock is rubbed with good old Mississippi mud and awarded to....

Tim Russert of NBC "News," who went after a certain Mr. Aaron Broussard today on NBC's "Beat (as in 'flog') the Press." Mr. Broussard achieved a bit of unwanted notoriety following his tearful appeal for aid in his parish in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now, Mr. Russert wasn't interested in finding out if the parish and its people were getting any help.

And he wasn't interested in asking whether or not the local, state or Federal governments fell down on the job.


In an astounding display of pure, unadulterated Punkery Mr. Russert attacked Mr. Broussard's account of the death of the mother of his parish's emergency management director. This kind of thing is something we see a lot from the Slave Media at the command of its corporate masters and the Imperial Government that pays them. Don't bother asking about mismanagement, malfeasance or just plain stupidity - attack the victims! Yeah, that works just fine.

To his everlasting credit, Mr. Broussard defended himself ably by not rising to the attacks, but instead attacking Russert's credibility and those of his greasy ilk who stoop so low. To see the video on this, go to, and watch closely.

This is what the Imperial Government has ordered the Corporate Masters to do, and their collared and leashed Media Minions are more than happy to sell their souls for a paycheck.

And that is why Tim Russert is, has been, and always shall be (world without end, amen) a Punk.


Blogger cookie jill said...

A good swift kick in the crotch might be in order for him.

Punk is too gentle a word.

1:16 AM EDT  

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