Friday, September 23, 2005

Tinfoil Hat Time

Okay, I've been accused of paranoia in the past. It's a character flaw, I know. But I comfort myself with the following slogan:

"You only have to be right once to make paranoia worthwhile."

I've noticed a couple interesting things lately. Sen. Leahy saying at first that he won't vote for John Roberts, but joining Sen. Baucus of Montana in supporting his evasive ass for Chief Justice. Sen Voinovich said he wouldn't support Judy Myers for a post in the government, but after "having talked to her" will vote in her favor.

Now, a few months ago I read an article that a certain chemical had been discovered. This chemical, when inhaled, makes the person trust the person emanating the scent.



Blogger aikane said...

Whatever the chemical was, we know it wasn't truth serum. :-)

8:50 PM EDT  
Blogger aikane said...

Could it be........ Bianca?

8:51 PM EDT  

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