Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Success (?)

Fox "News" anchor and willing (if not salivatingly eager) member of the Slave Media, Sean Hannity, stated on the air that he considered the War in Iraq to be "Bush's greatest success story." One can only imagine him saying this in a muffled manner, as he continues to perform nonstop fellatio on this unbearably corrupt and stupid administration.

But he has a point. Looked at a certain way, this war has been a success.

-It's made recruiting terrorists easier.

-It's destroying the middle class.

-It's destabilizing the entire Southwest Asia region.

-It's drawing resources away from the Real War on Terror.

-It's making us look like a nation of cruel, churlish thugs.

-It's fracturing the Republican Party.

-It's making the Democrats actually start to look like statesmanlike, principled leaders.

So, as you can see, Hannity was quite right. This wrong war is a great success for George W Bush and His Criminal Gang. In future, when his Presidential Library is built, I would suggest that there be a great reflecting pool of blood in front of it, and all those who played a role in the Lies that are the foundation of this war should be drowned in it.

My opinion.

PS: A personal success - I turn 44 today! Hurrah!


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