Sunday, April 16, 2006


To the North: From Earth, I summon Strength.
To the East: From Fire, I summon Guidance.
To the South: From Water, I summon Serenity.
To the West: From Air, I summon Wisdom.

I summon and welcome the Goddess in Her first Aspect,
The laughing, smiling Maiden;
I summon and welcome the God in His first Aspect,
The joyous and virile Sun King;
Let water fall from the encircling sky onto the receiving earth,
Let the earth be filled with growing things,
Let the world be filled with the joy of spring.
May my friends be prosperous this season,
And all that they set heart and hand and mind to prosper.

I make this summons, and this welcome, and this blessing,
By my will as I break this circle,
So may it be.

Happy Easter 2006.


Blogger BlondeSense Liz said...

And a very happy easter to you too. You're ok, kiddo!

4:03 PM EDT  

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