Sunday, July 02, 2006


Ever watch someone when they're vomiting?

Not yourself, of course. After having had one too many strawberry daiquiris with a heavy pasta dinner, you're too concerned with hanging onto the porcelain altar for dear life while you feel your shoes trying to come out of your throat.

No, I mean watching someone vomit. There's a certain fascination as the subject's body contorts, spasming as the stomach knots up and the cardiac sphincter relaxes, sending the acid-laced vomitus up and out of the body with enough force to etch glass.

We got to watch an entire country vomit this past week, as America tried again to retch up the last of the moral and ethical principles upon which it was founded. We've invaded a country on spurious grounds and based on no direct threat to us, humiliated and injured people in our custody, locked up citizens of our own country with trial, charges or access to legal representation, and now there are allegations that our soldiers raped an Iraqi woman and killed her family. According to the reports, that is the reason those two American soldiers were brutalized before their deaths.

There was a brief rally in the Body Politic as the Supreme Court slapped Bush across the face with the Hamdan decision, but there are calls now in the Congress to legitimize what we're doing.

Torture? Handled; Bush did a signing statement after signing the anti-torture law so the Administration can go on torturing (are you listening, John McCain?)

Ethics? Handled; the current Party in power has sold itself to lobbyists and several lucrative industries. Slave collars? Up the stairs, line on the left, one each please.

Respect for human rights? We're torturing people and going to war in the name of peace; what respect can we have?

Civil liberties? Currently certain people in the Congress are vilifying the New York Times and trying to squelch all dissent against Our Great and Dear Leader's Imposition of the Paz Americana. Squelching dissent destroys democracy, but these mid-range IQs don't seem to realize it.

It's painful to watch America puke up its own foundations, leaving nothing but teeth-destroying acid, bile and dry heaves.

But it has a certain fascination.


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