Thursday, July 06, 2006

North Korea Launches Missiles!

Who cares?

Well, okay, there is some cause for alarm. The DPRK's Taepodong-2 missile has the capability to reach California, Alaska and Hawai'i, but the one fired back on July 4th exploded about 40 seconds into the launch. The other six missiles fired that day were short-range missiles that could hit South Korea or Japan, but they too fell into the sea.

Reactions are still coming in, including this one from the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. Gas prices are due to spike upwards in Australia, to about 145.9 cents to a liter. Let me put that into an amount Americans can understand:

That's about US $5.83 a gallon, folks. Small wonder a lot of people around the planet are ditching their SUVs and going for gas-sippers.

But the Times of London has this rather sober (and sobering) analysis of the situation. For starters, all nations have the right to test missiles. No one disputes that. However, Kim's actions and the overheated rhetoric of his nation's media (something you really have to read to believe - I haven't read such bombast since the last time I read the American Legion magazine) makes his neighbors feel that he's prepared to stop at nothing.

Many people make the false assumption that Kim is crazy, but if he is he's crazy like a fox. He knows that we won't respond militarily out of fears that he might actually HAVE the arsenal of nuclear weapons that our vaunted intelligence community thinks he might have. He has nothing lose and everything to gain by asserting what he perceives is his nation's rights.

Now, think about this:

1. We had a ruthless dictator that we THOUGHT had nukes, so we invaded and deposed him.

2. We have a ruthless leader who MIGHT be making nukes, so we're offering economic incentives to get him to stop.

3. We have a ruthless dictator who CLAIMS to have nukes, and we BELIEVE him, but there's not a damned thing we can do to stop him short of igniting a very nasty war that could shut off the supply of cut-price items from Wal-Mart forever.

Whatever shall we do with Little Kim?


Blogger Gary said...

If Wal-Mart loves him so much, let them deal with him.

They are the ones that have sold us up the river with that region by way of the trade deficits anyway.

Maybe they can build a better and cheaper missle to deal with him.

5:58 PM EDT  

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