Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wagging the Dog

Wagging the Dog is the name of a low-budget movie from the late 80s or so, in which the American President foments a war with Canada in an effort to distract the American people from the horrible job he is doing.

Back in the Clinton Administration, Republican lawmakers and pundits all screamed that Clinton was "wagging the dog" by sending troops to Bosnia and Somalia. Their rationale was that Clinton was trying to distract Americans away from the Monica Lewinski scandal.

So now we have this.

The Bush Administration is starting to make noises that there is a plot against the Lebanese government, and says that the sources of its information are secret (of course, they say the likely suspects are Syria and Iran).

Wagging the dog? You decide. I, personally, think that the Administration's trying to distract us again, this time from the hideous failure of Bush's Four Wars.

Four wars, you ask?

Sure thing!

1. The War on Terror

2. The War in Iraq

3. The War in Afghanistan

4. The War to Improve Our Image

You must remember that Bush has been a failure at everything he's done since leaving college (Arbusto Oil, anyone?), so while this current set of debacles should not come as a surprise, I just wish he could have stayed a drunk coke-addled failure in Texas rather than blow billions of tax dollars down the toilet and kill 2800 of our best people.

So is he trying to distract us again? I don't know about you, but I read the article and my Bullshit Detector started screaming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:09 AM EST  
Blogger pissed off patricia said...

I know one thing for sure. In everything he's done he has fucked the dog, so now that thats no more fun, he is most likely wagging it.

7:33 AM EST  

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