Tuesday, October 09, 2007

They Call Me ...

Usually, when commenting on others' blogs, I use the nom de plume of 'The Wanderer.' I based the name years ago off an old poem (it was also a role-playing character), and one commenter here pointed the literary link out to me (thanks, Peter!). The poem, also titled The Wanderer, is an example of early Anglo-Saxon - that's before 1000 PE, folks.

If you click on the link, you'll see a transliteration of the original Anglo-Saxon on the left, and a modern standard English translation on the right. It's a melancholy poem, describing the feelings of a man cut off from the world he knew.

Sort of how we feel now, here in George Bush's America.

"A wise man must be patient,
He must never be too impulsive
nor too hasty of speech,
nor too weak a warrior
nor too reckless,
nor too fearful, nor too cheerful,
nor too greedy for goods,
nor ever too eager for boasts,
before he sees clearly."


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