Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Two Cents on the BCS

ESPN (recently owned by whoever whispered that LSU's Les Miles was going to Michigan) spent part of last night and this morning on who would be playing in the BCS Championship game, to be held in New Orleans. One analyst predicted that it would be Ohio State and Georgia.

Pardon me?

Georgia didn't even win their division in the SEC, and Ohio State does not have a perfect record. None of the top 10 teams in the country can claim that.

However, there is one team in the top 25 rankings, with a 12-0 record and a conference championship. That team is the University of Hawai'i Warriors. Based on their record and conference win, they should be #1 with an instant ticket to the Big Dance.

However, people who think they know more and talk loudly in restaurants will blather about "strength of schedule" and "money." In the meanwhile, if we leave it to the BCS computers, we'll see Podunk U. playing against Bumsteer State eventually.

Here's a nifty idea. Take the following conferences:
Big 10
Big 12
Big East

Divide them into two regions, East and West:
East: Big 10, Big East, ACC, SEC
West: Big 12, SWC, WAC, C-USA

Have each conference champion in each region pair up (hell, seed them for the regional playoffs), and whoever's left standing plays for the BCS title. Hell, just to make the tradition-minded happy we'll call the individual playoff games Bowls.

Just my opnion.


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