Monday, May 26, 2008

Bush's Last Memorial Day Liveblogged

Still, it was too early in the day for me to damage my liver with alcohol (although I've made some truly kick-ass margarita), but I settled down with a sandwich and a flagon of soda to see what there was to see.

1055: CSPAN almost missed the start of it, but there is El Presidente, saluting as the National Anthem is played. He doesn't look as bored as he did last year, and at least he saluted properly. On his way up the steps after the wreath-laying, he pauses to say something to Bob Dole.

1059: The Amphitheater. Very nice Army sergeant singing in a splendid alto.

1104: Ruffles and Flourishes, then Hail to the Chief. Bush comes out and there's that damned smirk again as he gives a nod of acknowledgment to the applause. With a 27% approval rating, where do they find people to applaud him? Hire them from Rent-A-Crowd?

1108: Admiral Mullen talking, citing a school essay by a third grader. He said 9/11! Drink, everyone!
Talks about the "precious gift of freedom" and asks rhetorically "how do we prove worthy of their sacrifice?" One might bring up bringing the troops home, but that might not sit well with this crowd. Talks up care for veterans (nice touch, considering).

1112: SecDef Gates now, and lunch is sitting in my stomach like lead. Once again, the stupid meme of "our way of life is under attack," as if Al Qaeda's army will be tramping up Pennsylvania Avenue to dictate terms to an America under occupation. Then he fellates Bush rather publicly.

1115: Bush is up, and there's that smirk again. Then he has the nerve to talk about valor (Bob Dole - why is he starting to look like Caspar Weinberger?), and segues into the Humanizing Moments.
Talk about the debt we all owe to our fallen, and to our veterans. If that's the case, Bush, why not DO something for the veterans, like give them good care and educational benefits?

There was more, but I got disgusted. Thankfully this is Dear Leader's last trip to the podium for Memorial Day.


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