Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Central Park Pictures #2

Here we are back in Central Park, showing off the beautifully kept greenery. Much of the beautification is paid for by private donations, and some stretches of the lawn are fenced off to enable recently reseeded grass to grow.
Many of the bridges are just like this one - works of decorative art in their own right. This one is steel with a wood-plank walkway.

The Belvedere Castle sits at the heart of the Park, just south of the reservoir in the middle of a tangle of nature trails known as the Ramble. It's built on a hill overlooking a small lake that is used as an ice rink in the winter. Up until a couple decades ago the place was a mess, covered in graffitti and in danger of falling down. Private donations and a concerted restoration effort saved the building.

I think the ivy was allowed to stay on the tall tower of the Castle for its decorative effects.

Part of the hill the Castle is perched on juts out over the lake and was draped in ivy that, as you can see, was turning into a haze of yellow and red leaves. Very pretty.

The view from the Belvedere Castle, looking Northeast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics Walt!
I've never been there and always wondered what its details looked like.
Surprised by the absence of people in your photos.

2:34 PM EDT  

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