Monday, October 20, 2008

Realigning My Humours

Way back in the medieval times when one was choleric or melancholy, sanguine or whatever, they were said to have had an imbalance in their bodily humours. Mine were seriously misaligned, so rather than have myself bled or my skull trepanned or leeches put on my chest or what have you, I went out the beach for my birthday weekend.

I have returned, greatly refreshed.

Dinner on my birthday was spent at a sushi restaurant (exceptionally fresh seafood). I had three orders of cold (raw) nigiri (scallop, salmon and tuna), and one order of hot (cooked) nigiri (conch), all washed down with a carafe of hot sake. Yummy! Then followed it up with an ice cream sandwich made of pound cake and green tea ice cream, then dipped in tempura batter, quick-fried and topped with chocolate sauce. Double yummy!

Over the weekend I had other diversions to expand my feeling of well-being as all of the NFL teams I wanted to lose Sunday lost:
San Diego
Kansas City
New York Jets (I really didn't anticipate my favorite team, the Oakland Raiders, to actually beat Brett Favre and the Jets, but I had hopes. When the Jets forced overtime, I started to worry, but as Janikowski set up for a field goal with time running out I started to hope. I cheered (to the consternation of the other people in the bar) when the big Pole booted a record 57-yard game-winner. Go Raiders!)

So, feeling much happier I am back at home and ready to post more vacation pics as well as continue to express my almost unseemly glee at the increasing cannibalism within the Republican Party.


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