Monday, December 19, 2011

Bob Dole Puts The Evil Eye on Mitt Romney

It had to happen.

The feckless cadre of lunatics and has-beens that comprise the Republican Party's Presidential candidate field have started to trawl for endorsements with all the enthusiasm and creativity of a bum wiping your windshield at an intersection.

The difference is the bum's going to do something constructive with the money he gets for wiping windows.

In advance of the Iowa Caucuses, which are coming up soon in much the same way a liver pate and egg nog smoothie comes up soon, the Des Moines Register endorsed Willard Romney in an editorial that can basically be summed up as, "Meh. He'll do."

Big names are starting to show up now. The biggest - literally - is New Jersey Governor Chris "William Howard Taft Lookalike Contest Runner-Up" Christie, who's apparently been satisfied with Romney's taint-licking prowess.

The Taliban Wing of the GOP is anxiously awaiting Sarah Palin's decision on who she'll endorse. She's playing her usual stupid-coy game, trying to bask in the warm sunlight rain of dollars a little while more.

And now Bob Dole is endorsing Romney.

War hero.

Former longtime Senator from Kansas.

Ran alongside Jerry Ford against Jimmy Carter in 1976 . . . and lost.

Ran against Bill Clinton . . . and lost.

I can hear it in the Romney camp now:



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