Friday, March 30, 2012

A Thought

While on the way to work back on Tuesday, I went past a church. That's not a big surprise; despite Louisiana's assertion that it is the most religious state in the Union, churches are thick on the ground here in America's Soft Dangling Bits.

This church had a sign out front, but instead of the usual duck-billed platitude the church was announcing an Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter ... Eggs?

Now, I don't claim to be a complete Biblical scholar, but there's nothing in the New Testament that mentions eggs, bunnies or marshmallow peeps.

I recall a cross and some very large and painful nails, but no decorated eggs.

Of course, eggs and bunnies and so forth are symbols of Springtime renewal, so they can be appropriate. But not at a church, as they are pagan symbols of Springtime renewal.

Just another example of the Great Borg Religion assimilating every other faith in its path way back in the early days.

I wonder if the little kids are told that.


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