Sunday, August 12, 2012

Will Mittens Apologize to Newt?

Heavens forfend!

That would be a sign of weakness, and Mittens can't afford any more weaknesses for Team Obama to exploit.

But the question must be asked.

Back during the primaries, Romney rose up in support of Paul Ryan - his running mate, now - when Newton Gingrich lambasted Ryan's proposed "Destroy Medicare With FIRE!" budget plan as "right wing social engineering."

So, with Romney now installing network software in order to coordinate with Ryan, does he still support Ryan's plan?

Not so fast there, dear readers.

Team Romney has started putting distance between The Candidate and the Ryan Budget Plan.  My guess is that this is to mitigate any fallout from Democrats, the few 'moderate' Republicans left, and the seven percent of the "undecided" electorate who Romney desperately needs in order to win.

But if he's distancing himself from the "Kill Medicare With FIRE!" plan, does that mean he agrees with Gingrich that it was "right wing social engineering?"

I want to see the answer to that question.


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