Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Surprise Here; Move Along to the Next Outrage, Please

During the height of the Iraq War, I offered a name for the combat operation that sounded a lot better than the original Operation Iraqi Liberation (swiftly changed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, in a blundering attempt to hide one of the reasons that the Administration That Must Not Be Named trick-fucked us into that shitpile).

That name was Operation Vicarious Manhood.

It was aptly named, I thought at the time.  George W Bush had probably been weaned on stories of his father's justifiably brave actions as a naval aviator in World War Two, and acquiring a Potemkin Village commission in the Alabama Air National Guard just wasn't cutting it. 

He needed something to make him feel more of a man, and show to the world that the United States was still on the top of the military leagues.

So we went to war in Afghanistan in late 2001, but that wasn't good enough, according to a new book out by a reporter for the New York Times.  According to an anonymous source cited in the book, Bush made the decision to invade Iraq (historical note:  the Saddam Hussein regime HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11, DEAL WITH IT) because " . . . we were looking for somebody‚Äôs ass to kick. Afghanistan was too easy."

Too easy.

Tell that to the families of the dead, George.  Tell that to the survivors who struggle with amputated limbs and traumatic brain injuries.

Tell that to the dead, you soulless little pussy.


Blogger dukuhead said...

Have you heard of James McMurtry's song "Cheney's Toy"? it kinda resonates with what you've written here

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