Thursday, June 16, 2005

When Do We Invade?

No, I don't mean Syria or Iran.

I direct your attention to the central African nation of Zimbabwe, whose President Robert Mugabe has instituted a terror campaign against those who voted against him in the last (rigged) election. Zimbabwe is usually closed to journalists, but a BBC crew slipped in and watched as government bulldozers flattened a village.

So far 200,000 Zimbabweans have been driven from their homes, and this isn't a first for Mugabe. Last year he began a pogrom against the white minority in that country, dispossessing them of their large farms.

All righty then. When do we invade? I mean, here we have a ruthless, corrupt dictator who is oppressing his own people. Hell, he probably tortures people, too.

Don't we have the same interest in "promoting democracy around the world" in Africa as we do in Southwest Asia?


Blogger aikane said...

Zimbabwe can't afford our liberation... not enough oil.

2:19 PM EDT  

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