Friday, July 08, 2005

London is not Washington

Here's a short, hideously subjective study in contrasts:

Washington, several weeks ago - a small plane wanders into restricted airspace over the capitol and suddenly the police and security forces start screaming at people to "Run! Get out! Flee! Head for the hills!" etc. People bail out of their offices and run through the streets with no rhyme or reason, like panicked lemmings on crank. The Leaders of the Free World Already either go into hiding or remain blissfully unaware of what's going on.

London, last Thursday - four bombs go off, three on subway trains, one on a crowded bus. The police, fire, and EMS units respond and handle things in a calm, businesslike and orderly fashion. While some people run, most seem to move calmly away and stay beyond the barricades. The lightly injured even stop to give interviews before seeking medical attention. The Leader of What Used to be The Empire Thank You Very Much immediately drops what he's doing, issues a statement of condolence and heads straight to his capitol to meet with his cabinet and advisers.

Interesting contrast, huh?


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