Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Suffer the Little Children

"But before the flag-waving children were allowed to meet Mrs. Bush, they were body-searched by Danish police and the [day care] center was swept by bomb-sniffing dogs." - CNN, 7/6/05

This is the kind of news item that makes me stop and say, "What the fuck?" It seems that the Danes take their security very seriously, considering that Our Dear Leader is visiting on his way to Scotland and decided to drop by and thank them for their contributions to the Iraq War and oh, by the way, when the sea level rises and you have to evacuate your country, fuck you.

So, rather than watch the wife of President Sociopath get capped by a three-year old wearing a bomb harness, the Danish security forces decided to be cautious. After all, Mrs. Bush is such a high-value target - goodness knows what might transpire if anything were to happen to her.

What's the line of succession for First Ladies? Does Lynne Cheney step in as First Lady pro tempore until a new one can be appointed? Or should either Jenna or not-Jenna fill in? Now that would be an interesting setup, and certainly very Biblical.

Or haven't you heard the story about Lot and his two daughters?


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We must all rise up and work for progressive change!

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