Monday, July 11, 2005

The War Continues

Occasionally the news dredges up something that is really bizarre, and between fits of insane giggling I just have to talk about it.

CNN reports that the long-lost ice axe that was used to kill expatriate Soviet revolutionary Lev Bronstein (better known, perhaps, as Leon Trotsky) may have been found in Mexico. Trotsky escaped from the Soviet Union in 1937 and eventually settled down South of the Border in order to evade Stalin's death squads and to continue writing and spreading the gospel of Worldwide Socialist Revolution.

That is, until someone drove an ice axe into the back of his head in 1940.

The only way to prove that the axe is a murder weapon is to test the dried blood stains on it against a DNA sample from Trotsky's descendant Esteban Volkov. However, there is a pissing match ongoing between Volkov and the owner. And here's where it gets fun.

The owner is researching whether to put the axe up on e-Bay.

Volkov wants it donated to his museum dedicated to the spread of socialism.

Fourteen years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the war between capitalism and communism marches on.


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