Friday, September 16, 2005

Dear Leader's Address to the Masses

I didn't get to see this when it first came on, but CNN obligingly reran it.

With the triumphant equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson looking over his shoulder, the President held forth on live TV about a number of points he wished to go over in reference to the recovery of the Gulf States. Most of it was made up of talking points that have already been covered.

However, his choice of shirt left much to be desired, as the shirt blended in with the blue cast of the statue and church behind him to make Bush look like The Floating Head of Death or the Great and Powerful Oz.

His choice of shirt also made me wonder if he dressed himself.

"We'll build higher, and better." What the hell does that mean?

More talking points. He should not be given a pass on any of this - spewing out talking points and mouthing platitudes is not leadership.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm almost afraid to contemplate what kind of anti Civitas Dei the dishonorable Karl Rove and Grover Norquist design. Curiously, the city lights grow bright only when Himself is present and trucks of ice wander all over the southeast. No vision and the people perish.

9:12 PM EDT  

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