Thursday, September 15, 2005

News Roundup

As stated previously, I went all productive and industrious over the past few days. I watched the news but really didn't feel like blogging anything. But I think it's time now, so here goes:


Well, the flood waters are starting to recede in New Orleans and slowly people are starting to find what the water left behind. Bodies, lots of them (but thankfully not the 10,000 first estimated). 34 bodies were found in a nursing home in St. Bernard's Parish, and now the owners of the nursing home are under arrest for negligent homicide. Serves them right if found guilty. I shudder thinking of how frightened those helpless people must have been as the murky water rose around them.
The hurricane claimed two more victims earlier this week: FEMA Director and Arabian Horse Show Arranger Michael Brown received the accolade of George W Bush last week, yet that did not save him. For the first time in this Administration, a member of the entourage was recalled to Washington. Brown has since resigned, but continues to blame everyone but his own incompetence.
Speaking of incompetence, the Dear Leader himself gave a limited, weak as dishwater admission that something had gone horribly wrong. Presumably Karl Rove advised him to do it after passing that last kidney stone.
Now it is the turn of Michael "Grim Reaper" Chertoff to apologize, admit failure, or step aside. Someone told me that his last name was Russian for "Of the Devil," and it must be allowed that he looks quite Satanic.


Al Qaeda in Iraq's leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, praised the hurricane as Allah's vengeance on America, and said that the oppressed peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq had prayed for it.
Maybe so. It must be recalled that the Year of the Rat has never ended.
Speaking of rodents, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani actually came out and said that the US can start withdrawing 50,000 troops within about 6 months. About damn time. Of course, he was rapidly sat upon by the Junta.
Meanwhile, the terroristas have started something new and intriguingly nasty. They set up a van and canvass for day laborers, and when the crowd gathers they push the thunder button. One set off in Baghdad killed about 150 and wounded 300.

John Roberts

False Republican Senators lobbed mainly softball questions at Judge Roberts during his confirmation hearings, while all the Democrats could get from him is vague assurances that his religious or personal convictions would not be a factor. Sen. Biden (D-MBNA) said that the Senate is "rolling the dice" with him, since there's no way of telling what his actual opinions are (but he's very effective at articulating those of his former employers).
Naturally, the False Republicans will vote to confirm him en masse, and expect at least ten or fifteen Democrats to roll over like weasels and expose their softest parts.

America Supports You Freedom Walk

I haven't seen any video of this travesty.

George Bush

With his poll numbers deep in the septic tank and digging deeper, he tried to offer a limp apology on the eve of his foray into the United Nations. It's actually quite interesting to see that the UN, which was considered irrelevant by the neo-conservative Christian Fascists in the False Republican Party, is now a force to be thanked and, amazingly, reformed. The usual neocon argument is that the UN has to be destroyed, which explains the recess appointment of John "Fear My Walrus Mustache" Bolton as ambassador.
Various revelations have surfaced in the wake of Katrina that shows the inner workings of the Bush White House. Aides were terrified of telling Dear Leader any bad news (which is always a bad thing, and one of the results of surrounding yourself with sycophants).

Local Items

The county head of the False Republican Party is seeking a recall of four of the five county commissioners because they voted to increase taxes. Well, boyo, the county's growing, and the money has to come from Somewhere.

Well, that's all for now.


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