Saturday, September 10, 2005

First Amendment vs the Imperial Presidency

While strolling about the hurricane-devastated areas of Mississippi this week, His Imperial Highness and Viceroy of Wyoming, Bringer of Red States and Anointed Vicar of Christ Richard "Dick" Cheney was deigning to answer those of the Slave Press who were graciously allowed to approach him and hear the pearls of wisdom drop from his Holy Smirk. Suddenly, a voice no one expected cut through the reverent hush.

"Mister Cheney, go fuck yourself."

Everyone turned to stand in terrified awe of the person who dared to use such language, since after all none but His Imperial Highness is allowed to use the word "fuck" in His Presence. It is even said that His Imperial Majesty George W Bush lives in fear and awe of Cheney, and watches his language.

And the person repeated it, before being pounced upon and handcuffed by the ever-vigilant members of the Imperial Guard. They had to let him go, since he was a doctor and shared a certain characteristic with Cheney.

Okay, enough of that.

This guy (Dr. Ben Marble) was hot, tired, and in a hurry to get to his home when he discovered that traffic to his house was blocked because of Cheney's visit. I should imagine that there have been no end of Self-Important Yahoos inflicting themselves upon the struggling residents of the Gulf States, and with it being so hot and all, and (in Dr Marble's case) having a wife and a new-born baby to look after, I don't blame the good doctor for opening up his mouth.

Hell, I would have done the same.

The Vice-President and the rest of this corrupt and ideologically blinkered Junta need to learn that Americans have certain rights, and they are no different than any other America. Which means that if we want to curse them out for being a bunch of total incompetents, We Will!

Of course, the Patriot Act and the recent Padilla case make it hard to express an opnion, since Dear Leader can have you locked up for opening your mouth. No wonder the Media wear collars.


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