Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Sometimes having a paper trail is a useful thing, and other times it can be an albatross around your neck, dogging your every step with a foul stench.

Case in Point: Judge Samuel Alito.

Judge Alito is up for a seat on the US Supreme Court, and is required to turn over documents relating to his positions on various issues to the Senate Judiciary Committee. An interesting memo came to light in the form of a letter to then-Attorney General Ed Meese back in the Reagan Years. In it, Alito states that he does not support a woman's Constitutional right to privacy (for which, read abortion).

Alito now says that he was just saying what he thought Meese wanted to hear. In other words, put very bluntly, he demonstrated that he was willing to lie in order to get a job.

This should really come as no surprise. Ed Meese was as crooked as a screwworm, and it's almost refreshing to see the AG's Office still carrying on the tradition of criminal behavior (torture, Mr. Gonzales?). But it's not ethical, and never will be ethical.

And this sort of past behavior is no guarantee whatever that Alito won't do it again. Do we really want a person like this on the highest court in the land?


Speaking of ethical behavior, let's discuss George Bush. Dear Leader chastised critics of his handling of the Iraq War, saying that they had seen the same intelligence that he had seen, and they all bought into the war.

Sorry to call bullshit on you, Georgie. Just because you received Intelligence "A" doesn't mean that someone in your Administration might have added or subtracted a bit (creating Intelligence "B") to give to the Congress, and a further modification of the truth (Intelligence "C") to spoon-feed to the masses of Americans.

I read the same material that everyone else in the non-Government country did (Intelligence "C") and I was not impressed nor persuaded by it. I was raised during Watergate, and well recall the lies and scare tactics foisted upon the American people by Reagan and Weinberger in an effort to increase defense spending. Besides, I work in a place where lies are endemic, and have gotten pretty adept at figuring out when someone's bullshitting me.

I didn't buy it then, Georgie, and I'm not buying it now. The difference is a lot of other Americans are starting to see the lies for what they are. I am no longer quite as vilified for being right as I was back in 2002 and 2003.

But I know that you have painted yourself into a corner now, Georgie, and are now helplessly thrashing about trying to lie your way out it. It ain't gonna work.


Blogger nolocontendere said...

Scalito is a liar, pure and simple. Promising to recuse himself in several cases where there were conflicts of interest and then not doing so means he should be dismissed. Then he whined about complaints. A true putz.

6:02 AM EST  

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