Friday, February 17, 2006

The Fox and the Henhouse ....

A Cautionary Tale.

Once upon a time, a farmer was shocked and his family was horrified to see that foxes had raided their henhouse, killing chickens and breaking eggs all over the place. The family and the farmer worked hard to rebuild the henhouse and coax the chickens into laying eggs again.

Then the family learned that the farmer had struck a deal with the King of the Foxes. The King would allow his foxes to guard and run the henhouse, to the benefit of the farmer and his family. The farmer's family rushed to him and exclaimed, "What is this? Didn't the foxes ruin our henhouse just a little while ago?"

"Hush," the farmer said. "I have spoken to our neighbors, and my friends. The King of the Foxes trusts his minions, and I trust the King. Our chickens and their eggs will be safe, and we will prosper."


Now, boys and girls, what do you think might happen next?


Blogger BlondeSense Liz said...

And the foxes ate the chickens and the farmer and his family and then burned down the farm and they foxes all lived happily ever after?

2:14 PM EST  
Blogger Walt said...

You win the gold star, Dear Liz. :-)

3:07 PM EST  

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