Tuesday, April 18, 2006

America's STD Problem

There is something dark and malignant within the American Body Politic.

You can't see it most of the time, because for most of the history of the Body Politic it hides, deep within the spine, waiting for a chance, just a little weakness of the Body's strength or vigilance.

Then it appears.

Like genital herpes, this malignancy appears out of nowhere, causes pain, suffering and embarrassment, and then vanishes again.

Am I talking about a virus, or about ideology?

Both are infectious.

Both hide in the recess of the body.

Both cause pain, suffering and embarrassment.

But both eventually recede into the dim recesses, and life can go on.

But here's the important thing, ladies and gents: You can't get rid of either of them.

We're stuck with a disastrous Hell-bent ideology that espouses every ethic except that of the Christ they purportedly worship, that thinks nothing of destroying civil liberties in the name of defending against a social ill and the frustrated and alienated people who act on their feelings of helplessness, and that will stop at nothing to accumulate more and more power until we may as well give up the idea of America as a democracy.

The Christian Fascist wing of the Republican Party is America's genital herpes, folks.

And there's no cure.


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