Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Awards Time!

The Ursa Major Awards, that is!

The Ursa Major Awards are given to categories that deal with anthropomorphic animals (for those who can't read Greek, that would be animals like the characters in Over the Hedge and Flushed Away). This year, several of my stories have made it to the nominating process:

An Officer and a Shaman
The Woodcarver's Son
Luck of the Dragon (chapters 84-92; it's a serial)

Now, all of these are on the Spontoon Island website, which is also up for nomination as a fanzine. Several stories by fellow writers on the site are also on the list:

The Catto Comeback by E.O. Costello and M. Mitch Marmel
Duet for Pride and Piano by M. Mitch Marmel and E.O. Costello

So, you can read the stories and nominate us to be put on the ballot (actual voting starts in March). To nominate, you'll need to log in and get a passkey, but it's FREE!

(And it prevents ballot-box stuffing.)

So show me and others a little love today!


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