Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pity John McCain

But not too much.

Sometimes you have to pity politicians like John McCain. Back in the 2000 campaign, McCain actually gave Bush a run for his money until the South Carolina primary, when Karl Rove started spreading rumors that McCain had a child out of wedlock, along with other nasty things (like saying that he "sold out" to the North Vietnamese while he was a POW in Hanoi).

Faced with that, coupled with opposition from the egregious Jerry Falwell, McCain lost South Carolina. And the nomination.

In the 2004 campaign we witnessed the coming-out party of what I call A Political Bisexual; John McCain campaigning FOR the dry-drunk, uncouth wastrel who slandered him and treated him like shit four years earlier.

John McCain, it seems, wants to be President. And he'll get down on his knees and lick Bush's rear end or fellate Jerry Falwell on the campus at Bob Jones University in broad daylight if that's what it takes.

John McCain was a war hero, and to see him reduced to this makes him a pitiable object.


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