Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Stupid ... it BURNS ...

Presumably (if you listen to the Administration and its paid mouthpieces) Our Dear Leader, George W Bush, is dead set on protecting us poor defenseless American peoples from those rascally and dangerous Moo-zlim Terrists.

Is there any way we can find someone to protect us from the Bush Administration?

It seems that several private firms have been listening in on Intenet and other traffic between terrorist and extremist websites, and have been feeding that data to the Government on the sly. Now I applaud that; it's good to get the jump on people on the quiet - SO LONG AS IT REMAINS QUIET.

What happened was that one of these websites (called, appropriately, SITE) managed to get its hands on the latest Osama video and a translation about two days before it came out. The company emailed the link to two aides in the White House, with a request to please please for the love of all that's holy keep it quiet.

Five hours later it was on Fox News, the propaganda wing of the White House and the Republican Party.

Comedian Ron White opined that "You can't fix stupid." I tend to agree with that, along with Robert Heinlein's dictum that stupidity is the only true sin against nature. The last thing the Bush Regime needs to do is show the American people once again that it and its merry minions are so stupid (How stupid are they?) that they can't be trusted with a box of burned-out matches.

Now, since The Stupid is all over Fox and the rest of the Right Wing Blowhardatron like fleas on a stray dog, I can expect about a week of people "defending the Administration's brave decision to release this information" while excoriating SITE for wanting to keep it to themselves and thereby endanger us.

I have a question now: We are arguably the second most heavily-armed civilian population on this planet (probably behind Israel) - How are we in danger, and from whom?


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