Thursday, December 13, 2007

From Our 'Travesty of Justice' Desk

Remember the Liberty City Seven? Seven desperate black men who allegedly swore allegiance to al-Qaeda and were going to drive up to Chicago and destroy the Sears Tower even though they had no weapons, no bombs and no real idea of what the hell they were doing?

Well, one guy knew what he was doing - the FBI informant who fingered the seven. He was going to give them money and weapons so that they could their dastardly work.

Now, where I'm from, a police informant trying to entice a person to commit a crime is called entrapment. Entrapment's an affirmative defense at trial.

Well, it apparently worked, as six of the defendants received mistrials as the jury was deadlocked, and the seventh was acquitted.

The government still plans on trying them again, and will probably try them again and again until they find a jury that will at least convict them of jaywalking or something so they can crow about their victory. It's a waste of taxpayer money just to set up Scary Brown People as a convenient straw man to maintain The Fear.


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