Friday, May 30, 2008

Aarrrgh ... Cats

Two hundred sixteen dollars and fifty cents.

That's about 5.5 full tanks of gas at today's price. And what has this $216.50 got to do today?

Paid a vet bill, that's what.

Allow me to explain. I have three cats in my house, two males and a female (all fixed; the younger male has been declawed) that act as familiars and are my emergency hurricane food supply in case the canned goods run out and fresh game becomes scarce. I figure a nice sage and rosemary stuffing and then hoick 'em onto the barbie ...

I digress.

Anyway, the older male (a 13-year old Seal Point Siamese named Rama, after the royal title of the Kings of Thailand) started spraying. He's fixed, and he started spraying. After a few instances of this I decided to haul his scrawny ass to the vet.

Come to find out he has a urinary tract infection; the veterinarian (a very nice woman whose practice includes any wildlife people happen to find - she had a baby raccoon and a bobcat kitten there in addition to the usual dogs and cats) put him on antibiotics and a special diet.

Hence the $216.50; putting him down would have cost only $75 and I still would have had to pay the larger figure.

And, to add insult to injury, I shall be taking the other male (a thoroughly neurotic cinnamon-colored creature with a Persian coat) and the female (a tiger-striped gray Domestic Shorthair who's morbidly obese) for examinations over the next month or so.

Gosh, that barbecue's looking awfully attractive as an alternative.


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Cat: The other other white meat.

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