Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday - Comedy Ahoy!

Sometimes as I peruse the collective mind of Humanity (leaving aside the porn; I'm a grownup) I run across the most astoundingly funny bits of information. Examples? I'm SO glad you asked.


A customs officer in Narita, Japan decided he wanted to improve the ability of his airport's sniffer dog. Violating policy he tucked 142 grams of cannabis into a random black suitcase.

The dog didn't find it.

And he forgot which suitcase it was in.

The customs officer got a reprimand, and Customs is asking for the drugs to be returned, pretty please.


The Wachowski Brothers are not a high-wire act; they are a pair of Hollywood directors (their most famous effort is a little thing called The Matrix) and they decided to do a remake of the 60's Japanese anime Speed Racer.

Now, I recall the cartoon from the days of my ill-spent youth, and I loathed it. The animation was crappy and the stories were thinner than tissue paper.

But raping childhood memories is apparently what Hollywood does now, with live-action or CGI remakes of Underdog, et. al. As Joel and the Bots asked rhetorically, "How many of God's laws does this violate?"

Well, Pajiba unveiled the weekly trade roundup, and Speed Racer is in at #5, having only grossed $36 million. It cost $250 million to make, which puts the flick on track to be a bigger bomb than Waterworld and Gigli combined.

That made me laugh.


And finally we have this by the Great and Powerful Driftglass, who over on his blog has taken time out from excoriating the Right (which is always fun) to do his inimitably literate thing on the Hillary Clinton campaign. Read it - anyone who can juxtapose a personal detail, the Clinton campaign, Star Trek, Hamlet and Rosemary's Baby is Da Bomb.


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