Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Battery Park

At the southern tip of Manhattan Island sits Battery Park, so named because of the small network of fortifications that stood here to defend the harbor and the settlement. The inscription above is on a plinth supporting a flagpole at the entrance to the park.
As the plaque states, the sculpture Sphere by Fritz Koenig stood for about 30 years in the main plaza of the World Trade Center until the attacks on September 11th. It was badly damaged when the two main towers collapsed, but was salvaged and is now on display at the Battery, along with an eternal flame.

This is the Immigrant's Monument, executed in bronze by the descendant of immigrants to symbolize all those who made it across the Atlantic to America.
Governor's Island. According to one tour guide, the place is wholly owned by the government, and while people work there no one is actually a resident. This view is taken from the tip of the park across the harbor, and I am thrilled that my camera did such a great job.
Castle Clinton, one of what used to be an entire chain of forts that defended New York Harbor. There were others on Governor's Island and as far away as Sandy Hook in New Jersey.
A fountain. I have no idea why it was there, other than it looks nice with all the trees around it.
The Statue of Liberty as seen from the Battery.
Ellis Island.
The camera's telephoto lens stretched all the way to the Jersey shore to take this image of the Erie-Lackawanna pier, which has been restored. I'm told it's impressive all lit up at night.


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