Saturday, May 01, 2010

March of the Scumbags - Sine Die at Last!

Well, the "special" legislative session in Tallahassee has ended, not with a bang but with a whimper.

Charlie Crist vetoed the "Let's Screw the Teachers" bill that would have erased tenure and put teachers' salaries at the mercy of the TV-addled kids whose parents are too wrapped up in Glenn Beck reruns to help educate them properly, and managed to whip together a $70 billion dollar budget that really just kicks the can down the road a few more miles.

However, the GOP majority in the State House did manage one last tawdry parting shot - a vicious, disgusting little amendment to a health care bill that is now on Crist's desk. The amendment requires all women seeking an abortion to have an invasive ultrasound (where the ultrasound probe is actually inserted into the vagina) and to have a woman seeking an abortion provide written testimony that the child is the product of rape, etc. before getting approval for the procedure.

In a way, this travesty is just a retread of the same draconian bill that was recently passed in Oklahoma. Good job, Florida GOP - you're managing to equate yourselves with the unlettered idiots who let Oral Roberts live among them for so many years. When he died the very ground breathed a sigh of relief in Tulsa.

Just to remind you assholes - Abortion is LEGAL in the United States and has been for about 37 YEARS now. It's the law of the godsdamned land.

The Republican Party spent the entire Reagan Administration and afterward squealing like piggies about "Getting Big Government Out Of Peoples' Lives."

Yeah, but they have no qualms about ramming Big Government up into a woman's uterus.

But I can understand them, in a sad and twisted way - the current conservative won't admit it, but they want women to go back to the "Good Old Days" when they were the property of their menfolk and chiefly charged with supplying acres and acres of babies to the factories and the military. The GOP has no care whatever for a child after it's born, but they get the vapors at the merest idea that a woman can make a free and informed choice about her own body.

The Legislature adjourned last night. Thank Cthulhu, Kali and Moloch for that.


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