Thursday, August 16, 2012

Romney Admits It

Prior to his selection of Paul "Medicare Killer" Ryan as his running mate, Mittens Romney admitted something.

Up to that point, he was getting negative campaign ads thrown at him discussing his tax returns, his corporate record at Bain Capital, his legislative record as Governor of Massachusetts, and his creation of Romneycare (which is simply Obamacare with a few additions the Obama plan doesn't have - like state funding for abortions).

Now, Romney's no stranger to negative ads.  He's used them himself, as part of his "Kill it with FIRE!" primary campaign strategy.  The only reason he's won in several states during the primaries was from massive saturation bombing of his opponents in the media.

The shoe's on the other foot now, and Mitt, who was apparently a bully in high school and college according to his school chums, doesn't like it very much.

He has resisted revealing what was in the 23 years' worth of tax returns he gave the McCain Campaign back in 2008.  Strange thing, that; despite his record as Governor, despite his business record, despite all the plus points in his favors, McCain's staff still asserts that Palin was the better choice. 

So what in the name of Joseph Smith and his Magic Doctor Dentons is lurking in his finances?  Drug trafficking?  Child pornography?  Human trafficking?  The possibilities are endless.

But we won't know, because Romney won't discuss it.

Romney has tried to resist attacks on his record at Bain, even to adopting the nonsensical "retroactive retirement" defense.

Mittens won't discuss the Federal money that contributed to his saving of the Salt Lake Olympics.

The Noise Machine went crazy when one of his campaign staff goofed up big-time and actually said that Romneycare was a good thing.

So, just before the Ryan pick, and just a day or so ago, Romney made a deeply-felt cry from the heart.

(Well, as deeply-felt as can be expected from someone so wooden.)

He asked that a truce be called and both sides stop the negative campaigning.

The man who won the primaries on massive saturation bombing was calling for a truce as he found himself on the receiving end.

Basically, Mittens Romney admitted that he was Obama's bitch.

To which this Ben Tre Republican says, "Good.  Now make Mittens Obama's gimp." 


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He that loseth his honesty hath nothing else to lose.

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