Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gee Whillikers! Who Would Have Thought?

Throughout the past two or so election cycles, you've heard a lot about voter fraud or election fraud. Most of the rhetoric has come from the Republican Party and their media catspaw, Fox 'News.'

(I'm not going to go as far back as The Brooks Brothers Riot, no sir. That's water under the bridge.)

To hear the Murdoch Media Machine describe it, all evidence of voter fraud or election fraud in this country is the fault of Them Dastardly Democrats, led by Saul Alinsky (who died in 1972), the civic action volunteer group ACORN (hounded into going out of business and dissolving) and George Soros (who stayed out of the 2012 election cycle until two months ago, when he finally started writing checks). This avalanche of rhetoric, coupled with the Tea Party Kerfuffle of 2010, resulted in draconian voter laws being passed by quite a few states. Several of the more toothy statutes have already been overturned as being overly vague or discriminatory.


How so, you might ask?

The laws are finely crafted to restrict registration of young people, women and minorities - all rather happy hunting grounds for voter registration drives. Since one can't actually come out and impose a poll tax, the laws must be creative in what they require for the exercise of franchise rights.

And, oh by the way, voting in this country is a Right, not a Privilege.

Interestingly, in their hell-bent desire to prove that the Democrats are responsible for voter/election fraud, it seems that Republicans are only succeeding in tripping over their own genitalia.

Case in point: A Pennsylvania man hired by the Virginia Republican Party was arrested for destroying (in this case, throwing away) voter registration forms.

Who would have guessed?


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