Friday, September 07, 2012

Let the Carnage Begin!

Obama Speaks . . . Dems Excited, GOP Pooh-poohs, and Why You Should Never Overlook a Pooh-pooh . . . Why the GOP is In Trouble . . . 

So, on the last night of the DNC, Obama stood up and, after saying the obligatory Mantra of Acceptance for his nomination, proceeded to articulate his vision and the stark choice facing the voters in November.

It wasn't bad, really.  I watched and listened to it.  He didn't lay as much smack down on Romney as John Kerry and Joe Biden had, but then he didn't need to; those two had managed to flay the GOP position straight down to the bone before fighting over the juicier bits of the marrow.

It was a pretty stark choice, too - whether to carry on forward, although the road to recovery will be a long and hard one, or go back to the same sequence of tax cuts, lies and bullshit that drove the economy into the cesspool in the first place.

Seems pretty damned clear to me.

Obama also jumped all over Romney in the most roundabout and decorous way about our troops and our veterans.  Again, Kerry and Biden had used machetes, Clinton had used a stiletto, but Obama merely added a spicy mixture of sea salt, lemon juice and Naga Ghost pepper extract into the wounds.  

When he was done, the crowd went wild, as opposed to what we heard in Tampa (insert Fluttershy voice:  "yay").  I should think that the assembled delegates, superdelegates and various boosters went home energized and ready to work toward a Democratic victory in the fall.

The right wing pundits, however, pooh-poohed the speech, saying that Obama had done nothing (when, in fact, he'd covered more ground than Romney's mushmouthed and insipid acceptance speech).  I can only hope that the Obama campaign doesn't ignore their pooh-poohs.  That is risky behavior:

As you can see.  Can't pooh-pooh a pooh-pooh.

Now, please recall that I am a Republican, and quite a bit like Charlie Crist the GOP has left me far behind.  But I know my people, and you can expect an avalanche of hatred and fearmongering from all wings of the once-Grand Old Party - the Taliban, the Wackos, the Zombies, and the Racists.  They have a lot of money on their side; Romney was caught embracing one of the Koch brothers on his way to give his speech in Tampa.  Oh, the media outlets cut away, but one camera caught it, and I hope hay is made while the sun shines out of The Hug.

We shall use The Truth, the GOP will use The Bullshit.

Not lies, dear readers.  Bullshit.

Dr. Harry Frankfurt, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Princeton, opined in his essay on the subject that liars know the truth, but make a conscious effort to direct you away from it.  Bullshitters, however, don't care about the truth or lies, so they're free to make up whatever leaps into their tiny minds.

It's freedom, man!

So Paul Ryan can blather on about how Obama was able to go back in time to close the auto plant in Janesville, and how he ran a marathon in twenty minutes or so.

So Mitt Romney can talk about how he and his wife lived hand to mouth, and how he's really unemployed.

But the GOP is in trouble, and that trouble stems from the fact that, once you peel back the layers of ad money, once you sift through the mountain of bovine excrement, They Have Nothing.  Not a sausage; nothing but the same thing that got us all in this predicament in the first place, and the only remedy they can prescribe is More of the Same.

We have a choice, and I've already made mine.

I'm voting for Barack Obama.


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