Thursday, October 11, 2012

Republicans Behaving Badly, Part Avogadro's Number

Dear readers, I have already related the sorry tale of Todd Akin, the dingbat Republican candidate for Senate from Missouri.  You recall him - he said that in cases of "legitimate" rape a woman's Magic Uterus can shut down the production line so the victim can't get preggers.

Akin's a tough act to follow.

But we have three contestants who are just dying to step up and try!

We start with Representative DesJarlais of Tennessee, a doctor and Tea Party GOPer who's running for re-election.  His candidacy hit a snag recently when it was revealed that this "family values" guy not only had a mistress, but forced her to get an abortion in Atlanta after he knocked her up.

We move to State Rep. Fuqua of Arkansas, who advocated in an e-Book for executing rebellious teenagers, in accordance with Biblical law (that's Old Testament, and I seem to recall that Christ fulfilled and superseded said law - but the GOP ain't Christian).

And, for the big wrap-up, we have another entrant from the Great Red State of Arkansas, Rep. Michael Hubbard, who has famously opined that slavery was a blessing (that's the old 'uplift' fallacy - that by enslaving, brutalizing and deracinating others we were actually doing them a favor).  

The nasty part of all this, dear readers?

All of these assholes will likely be re-elected.

And I leave that searing indictment of the collective intelligence of their constituents as an exercise for the student.

This has been Part 6.022 x 10^23 of Republicans Behaving Badly.


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