Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Been a Busy Three Weeks for Political Schadenfreude

My, my, my . . . it's been a while between posts, and I've been remiss.

Time to catch up with Campaign Apocalypse!

According to the polling data (and we must always remind ourselves, gentle readers, that polls follow the electorate - they don't dictate to it), President Obama and Vice President Biden have opened a small but significant lead over his opponents, Chauncey McBumble and his sidekick, The Eddie Munster Lookalike.  Leads have opened up in key states such as Florida and Ohio, and it must be pointed out that no modern GOP candidate has won the Presidency without winning Ohio.

If the numbers hold up, Obama will win on November sixth.  Now, that's a mighty big IF.  Twenty-four hours is a long time in politics, and we currently have forty-two days and four debates remaining before Election Day.

Fortunately, Obama has an ace up his sleeve.

That ace is Mitt Romney, a/k/a Chauncey McBumble.

Don't believe me? 

Check out the video

where he appears to write off nearly half of the US population as moochers who pay no taxes.  That's a lie, by the way - the people he speaks about may not pay federal income taxes, but do pay other taxes, fees and imposts.

Check out his 60 Minutes interview,

 where he suggests that The Poors can simply go to the emergency room to get free care - which, by the way, is probably the stupidest thing he's said since he proclaimed that "Corporations are people too, my friend!"

(And for added Irony Points, check out the spray-on tan on Romney - it looks like they hosed him down with the John Boehner Body Wash prior to his earlier interview on Univision.)

The best source of ammunition in the Obama team's armory consist of Mitt Romney talking up about what a completely clueless dick he is.  Half the time he spends campaigning is spent in trying to walk back what he said previously, or having his campaign staff go on Fox 'News' to try and explain things.  The Chattering Classes among the GOP are starting to foam at the mouth about Romney's increasingly apparent incompetence - that is, when they're not trying to explain the Governor's poor polling numbers as an example of media bias.

Hard to justify that argument when Fox's own polls show Obama leading (of course, they don't put that on their Fox Nation blog - don't want to frighten the sheep, now do they?)

So, dear readers, you may be asking what I've been doing in the weeks following the conventions.

I've been basking in warm, snuggly schadenfreude.


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