Thursday, September 06, 2012

Two Days In: Fear and Loathing, Treachery and Oratory

First, fair's fair, so cue the music:

And now, on with the show!

The Democratic Party's quadrennial convention opened up in Charlotte, North Carolina to much fanfare and quite a bit more ethnic diversity and enthusiasm than its GOP counterpart in Tampa a week earlier.

Ethnic diversity?  Hell yes; the Republican Convention had - exactly - 46 African-American delegates, which kind of gives you an indication of just how highly the GOP is rating the largest minority in the country.

Enthusiasm?  Yes.  Despite President Obama being a bit of a disappointment - namely by pursuing the illusory myth of bipartisanship in the face of an obstructionist Republican caucus - delegates came to Charlotte determined to put their man back into the Oval Office.

Most of the Twitter feed from the Right reflected the unhealthy levels of Fear they have toward the Obamas after Michelle Obama spoke Tuesday night.  The Corner might have been a virtual Klan rally.

But Tuesday night was a full-throated excoriation of the GOP platform regarding women and minorities and abortion and healthcare and economic policy and . . .

It was capped by Michelle Obama's quite eloquent and at times emotional speech.  She put herself head and shoulders above Ann Romney, who appeared weak as dishwater in the oratorical department.

Of course, right wing nabob Erick Erickson had the grace to refer to Tuesday night as the "Vagina Monologues," which shows just the kind of classy guy he is.

Wednesday night opened on a note of treachery and mayhem, as the party platform was hastily amended to include an endorsement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and inserting a smattering of "God"s into the text.  The changes, reportedly coming from Obama himself, were an obvious reaction and capitulation to the screeching of the Right at the fact that the Democratic platform didn't have those things.

Also on the horizon was the President's harebrained assertion that the GOP would "come around" and start cooperating with him after he got re-elected.  Of which, see more later.

But the biggest news Wednesday was the appearance of The Big Dog.  Yes, the man whose penis single-handedly strikes terror into the hearts of every right-wing cretin; the man who, in act, drove the Republicans into such a foaming rage that they actually impeached him.

Bill Clinton.

He was allowed to talk past his time limit, but no one cared; he very eloquently and neatly eviscerated the Republicans, while all the time staying well-mannered and precise in his delivery.  His argument that Democrats were responsible for more private sector jobs since 1961 than the GOP was determined to be "fact" by Politico.

His argument that politics should not be a blood sport was buttressed by the fact that his wife was appointed as Secretary of State by President Obama, who he publicly embraced at the end of his speech.  Hillary was out of the country at the time, doing her job.

So the stage is set:  Clinton put Obama's name into nomination, and it remains for Barry to step out tonight and give his acceptance speech.

And then . . . let the blood sport begin!


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