Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm Not a Computer Specialist

And, truth to tell, I've never claimed to be one.

But I can smell a possible dead rat in the works, just as well as anyone.

Which leads me to the Health.gov website and the troubles people have been having with it.  Full disclosure:  I haven't visited the site, as I have perfectly good coverage through my employer.

The website wasn't set up by the Federal Government; rather, it was set up by a private contractor.  It was outsourced, part of the cost-cutting, outsourcing fetish that has seized the government since the reign of Bush the Dumber and has led us to attempts by idiots like Rick Santorum to outsource the National Weather Service to the Weather Channel or a similar concern (thought people would forget about that, huh Ricky Frothy Mixture?).

I'd be very interested to see who owns this private contractor, or who its major customers are.  Money influences might be quite illuminating.


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