Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Things With Wings!

Everyone knows this plane - it's the WW1-era Fokker Dr.1, a very successful triplane that was quite effective over the Western Front in the Great War. The Red Baron (Manfred, Freiherr von Richthofen) flew one of these planes.

The following pictures are of the Junkers Ju-52 transport plane, affectionately referred to as "Iron Annie" or "Aunt Ju" by its aircrews.

The corrugated metal skin of the plane gave it amazing flexibility and strength for its day.

View inside, looking toward the cockpit. The Ju-52 carried cargo, passengers, troops and could even be equipped with either skis or floats.

The left-hand cockpit position, showing the controls. I was a bit stingy with the flash, because I didn't want to wash out the details that could be seen (I was shooting through a window).

This is the MBB 223 Flamingo, a three-seat trainer and sport plane. It was built in Switzerland and the engine's by Porsche (so you know it's a good mover). About 97 were built and it first flew in 1967.

The Fieseler Fi-103, also known as Vergeltungswaffen Eins, or V-1. The first cruise missile, this jet-powered flying bomb raised quite a bit of havoc as they rained down on Britain and parts of Europe.

The Messerschmidt Me-163 Komet, a rocket-powered fighter designed to attack Allied Bombers. Unfortunately, the liquid fuels used were so volatile that more pilots died from having the plane blow up than from being shot down.

This is a WW1 plane called the Rumpler Taube, or Dove. It was a fairly primitive fighter, but the War was in its early days at the time, so there was nowhere to go but up.


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Very nice pictures! I really like the one of the Dove. I'd frame that one.

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